Charlotte Local Wedding Show

Where LOVE and LOCAL BUSINESS collide.

February 22, 2020

2020 Vendor Slots are full!!!
Founder Tirzah Caffee

About Us

CLT LOCAL: a wedding show like none other. 

Let’s face it. Planning your wedding can be overwhelming. We want to help ease that burden.

Our desire with CLT LOCAL is to create a space where you can have FUN dreaming about your wedding, while gaining some helpful tips and resources from LOCALLY owned businesses. 

Why is LOCAL so important to us? Simple. Charlotte has SO MUCH to offer. We are an amazing city full of even more amazing businesspeople that WANT to help you with your dream wedding. 

Couples these days are looking for CONNECTION. When you choose local business owners, their focus is not punching a clock, but truly giving you the service you want and deserve.

So, instead of the typical 300+ vendors at a show, we have handpicked less than 50 TOP NOTCH LOCAL wedding pros! This is wonderful because it gives you the chance to truly visit each booth and form relationships with local business owners.  

This event is less of a “show” and more of an “experience.”

What does that mean? Well, want to be practical. Instead of fashion show with ladies modeling dresses you could not (or should not) ever wear, we will have experts teach you what style is best for YOUR body type. 


In short, this event is something you do not want to miss!!!!

Our Location

We are happy to announce partnership with THE FILLMORE for our launch of CLT LOCAL.
With easy access off the highway, free parking, and just an all-around cool venue, we think this is the PERFECT location for our event.

Local Vendors


































Vendor Booth Inquiry

Are you a LOCALLY owned business in the wedding industry and want to participate in CLT LOCAL?

If so, please fill out the application and we will be in touch with you shortly! All applications must be submitted by 12/01/19.

Must be submitted by 12/01/19

**Please know that this show is going to be kept very intimate. The venue can hold 40-45 booths, so we must limit each category in order to have a well-rounded representation of vendors.  For instance, we can’t have 10 out of 40 spots be photographers (sorry!). Our desire is to have no more than 4 vendors in any category (in most cases it will be 1-2). This is GREAT for participants because there will not be much competition from other vendors. 

**Applications will all be evaluated by the Charlotte Local team with a commitment to non-biased participation. All races, religions, and lifestyles are loved and appreciated by Charlotte Local. Those chosen will be invited based upon the application answers and outside market research done by our team (mostly via reviews and social media presence). We are looking to form a close-knit team that has a passion for collaboration and commitment to our city. 

**Your registration information will be shared with exhibitors at Charlotte Local Wedding Show. Vendors are informed of your preferences, however registration may subject you to solicitation from any vendor. Charlotte Local Wedding Show is not responsible for any contracts or warranties expressed or implied from any vendor participating in the show. Show producers evaluate your registration information in order to improve future shows.